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Chi vuol esser ricco in un d, impiccato in un anno. (Leonardo da Vinci)


Bibione, located on the Northern Adriatic Coast, between Venice and Trieste, is situated at the eastern boundary of the Veneto region, on the border with the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The first settlements date back to Roman times, as witnessed by some archaeological discoveries, but Bibione started to grow like tourist resort only from the sixties. Today, Bibione is well known all over Europe not only for its beach, but is also synonymous of wellness and health thanks to an efficient and well-known spa, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health and by the National Health Service, known as "Bibione Thermae" (an obvious reference to the ancient origins).

Some years ago Bibione started to be also called “Spiaggia Tutta Spiaggia” which means “Beach All Beach” and the reasons are more than evident:
  • the beach that stretches for eight km on a sandy peninsula, contained in its width between the Adriatic Sea and the Valle Grande and in its length between the mouth of the Tagliamento and the tourist harbour of Baseleghe;
  • the depth of the beach ranging from 250 meters to over 450 meters, perpetually exposed to the sun from sunrise to sunset and ventilated by a slight breeze particularly rich in iodine;
  • the sea, crossed by currents that ensure constant oxygenation and hydrosaline rechange.
Divided in the four zones of Bibione Beach, Bibione Lido del Sole, Bibione Pineda and Lido dei Pini, the wide sandy beach welcomes immediately tourists with ordered colourful sunshades, a sport animation able to satisfy young and older with surfing, sailing, water skiing and sailing lessons and many other opportunities to enjoy the beach and the sea.
A few steps from the beach for sports lovers, there are also tennis courts, mini-golf, horse riding along the beach or to discover the lagoon and its extraordinary wealth of flora and fauna and even in the nearby located Lignano Sabbiadoro an 18 holes golf course, a water park named "Aquasplash", the amusement park "Gulliverlandia" with its aquarium and many other opportunities for sports and entertainment.
There are also long path for bicycle riding, jogging or simply walking.
And finally, the motocross to which Bibione dedicates the now famous competition "Bibione Beach Motor Race."

Bibione and its surroundings reserve numerous surprises to all those who decide to go beyond the beach to give breath and cool to their bodies or simply to discover the inland wonders.
First, the pinewood forest, which presents itself in the eyes of tourists as a green oasis dense of wilderness, populated by a rich variety of animals and flora typical of the Mediterranean, both adequately protected.
Beyond the pinewood forest, a vast area: hectares and hectares of sand dunes, thick reeds and fishing valleys are waiting for the tourists who would find themselves in a moment in the middle of the lagoon and its charming landscape.
To break the silence only the rustle of the wind among the branches and the sound of the birds taking flight or fall on the surface of water to catch some fish.
The water flows slow and in some case seems almost immobile, retained in its flow from the bottom clay - sandy of the lagoon.
A real spectacle, especially to live it at the first light of dawn, when tourists can watch the magical awakening of nature between sandbars, colourful water birds and between sky and sea stands the typical " casoni "with the straw roof, where once lived fishermen, lonely guardians of the lagoon.
A stretch of the lagoon is particularly striking and at least worthy of a visit to: "Valle Grande", located in the hinterland, which together with the nearby "Vallesina" form an extraordinarily important natural area for the presence of a particular flora, of great interest to fans of botany.
To enchant the tourists there is also the mouth of the Tagliamento, ideal place to take beautiful photos, practicing a rich fishing and cycling along safe and suggestive cycling paths.
For those who prefer, instead, moving along the waterways and navigate to the most remote corners of the lagoon between the dunes and reeds, there are interesting itineraries starting from the tourist harbour of Porto Baseleghe.
From here, starts also the organized excursions by boat to Venice and its lagoon.

For whom intending the holiday as an opportunity to dedicate to the wellness, and renew their appearance, Bibione offers the services of the already mentioned spa, " Bibione Thermae ", equipped with a doctor and paramedical team highly specialized to follow the customer and meet its requests.
The centre has equipped gym, sauna and turkish bath, small and large pools with different temperatures, caves and whirlpools and in general all that is needed for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, but also for beauty.
Thus, after long and renewing baths in the sea, tourists can dive into a swimming pool centre, relax in a sauna or a Jacuzzi and then enjoy one of the many possible skin treatments to return home from the holiday in perfect shape.

Evolved recently, Bibione was built thinking to the welfare of tourists who visit it each year and has therefore been equipped with a modern furniture made of green space, pedestrian zone, walking path along the seafront, squares and long boulevards rich in restaurants, pizzeria, ice cream cafe , shops and boutiques of all kinds and for all tastes.
Every evening in these squares and streets, tourists walk, making their shopping, with the possibility for those who want it to conclude the evening in discos, pubs, piano bars and nightclubs open until late at night. Summer is also rich of events also at international level, such as concerts of classical or modern music, and performances of all kinds.
Several times during the season fireworks shows on the sea are organized.
Almost at the end of season is organized the now famous "Septemberfest", the great feast of wine and grapes.
Do not forget the many occasions that are offered to tourists to enjoy the products of the hinterland of Bibione, such as "Festa dell'Asparago". (feast of the Bibione Asparagus).

To delight the more refined palates, Bibione has kept intact the legacy of the Venetian gastronomic tradition who marries the delicate flavours of the fruits of the earth such as the famous white asparagus with the fragrance and freshness of the fruits of the sea that every day are caught and brought directly into the kitchens of restaurants and trattoria, where you can taste them, savouring the delicious wines of the famous Lison-Pramaggiore wine production area.

One hundred hotels from 1 to 5 stars, almost twenty thousand apartments and residences and numerous campsites and villages receive every year in Bibione thousands of tourists from around the world adapting to the needs of everyone taking care of the different economic availability and the different levels of comfort required by visitors more or less demanding while guaranteeing them a satisfying quality / price ratio.

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